-                      Kinder Kinetika  -  An honours degree in Kinderkinetics.  Are trained to stimulate children optimally and monitor and develop their grossmotor skillas as they grow up.  Kinderkinetics come to Pixieland and work with them in short one-on-one sessions. 3 months ? 12 months  and 12 months to 18 months. Toddlers 2 ? 6 years old.

Baby massage:            Main purpose

-                      Relaxation

-                      Physical well being

-                      General development

Other advantages

-                      Tension relief

-                      Improves blood circulation

-                      Relieves growing pains

-                      Stimulates nerve endings

-                      Improves windiness, constipations and colic

-                      Helps with mucus movement

-                      Helps relief the pain of teething

-                      Open up sinus and tear glands.

Baby and toddler stimulation

Focus on visual, ouditive, tactile and gross motor development.  With fun filled games that suites their Kinder Kinetika help the kids to improve their awareness of their bodies and also how to use and understand their wonderful bodies.

Qualification: HMC. BA degree and honours in  kinder kinetics

Registered at the South-African Professional Institute for Kinder kinetics.