All clothes, bags, bottles, lunch boxes, blankets and suitcases must be clearly marked. There is a basket for all lost items, please go through the box regularly in case of lost property. If you find clothes or any other thing in your child?s suitcase that do not belong to you please return it to the school an de will return it to its rightful owner.

Please dress your child in comfortable clothes for play and other activities. As a child develops.  A clean set of clothes should accompany your child everyday. Do dress your child in clothes that he or she can dress himself or herself (were applicable) and avoid clothes that changes or fastens difficult.

Please make sure that your child has clothes that fit the season.  If your are not sure provide a different set of clothes so that the child can be changed accordingly. 

Please note that your child will paint and do not dress them in clothes that you feel sorry for.