Registration fee:                                        R300.00


Full day:                                                    R1 300.00 per month

Half day:                                                   R   980.00 per month


Full day:                                                    R1 600.00 per month

                                                                  R1 800 if purities provided by school


Half day:                                                   R1 600.00 per month

A registration fee is payable each year on admittance. It is a once off payment and is not refundable. This fee ensures your child?s admittance to Pixieland and is used for the purchase of educational books, toys etc.

All fees are payable in advance before of on the 3rd day of each month. Envelopes will be given out, please make use of these envelopes and ensure you return these envelopes and make sure you receive a receipt. Fees will be adjusted each year.

When a child is absent from school for the reason of sickness or any other reason, the full amount must still be paid. The full amount must be paid for the month of December. We have salaries and other commitments, so we really would appreciate your co-operation.


Unless arranged previously a penalty of R20.00 per day will be charged for late payments. If the amount is still outstanding after a month, it will be handed over to High IQ Kids t/a Pixielands attorneys/dept collectors for the recovery and cancellation of the agreement.

Attorneys fees will be for your account.


School fees are payable through the internet, debit order or BANK GUARANTEED cheques only. Please bring a copy of your proof of payment to Pixieland so we can keep it in our records.